How Device Value Changes Over Time

Mobile does not mean disposable. Just like a car, mobile devices carry value throughout their life. Basically, even if it’s junk to you, it's worth something to someone, somewhere. If you take the time to understand the process and factors that are involved, you will recoup more value and be the hero of your tech budget. In this blog, we’ll look at the factors that make up the value of a device, as well as share some tips on ways to preserve its value and receive the most money for your retired fleet.

Device Value Factors

1. Speed of Technology: New device models come out from different manufacturers each year. As every model is released, the value of older devices depreciates. 

TIP: It’s important to evaluate how you’re getting the most for your devices, but not hold onto them too long. 3-5 years is typically the sweet spot for selling used devices. 


2. Auto-Update Expirations: Many schools may be under a misconception that devices with expired auto-updates don’t hold value. As the potential payout does decrease, the devices still hold value and the school is still able to receive a payout. 

TIP: Selling these devices as soon as possible can result in your technology department getting extra funds to put toward other resources. 


3. Cosmetic Damage: Accidental drops are likely to happen throughout a device’s life cycle especially in the hands of young students or remote/traveling employees. These cosmetic issues will decrease the value of the device. 

TIP: Protective cases can prevent extensive damage from happening and prolong the life of the device itself. Cases protect the exterior of the device leaving fewer scratches, dings, and dents that could lower your payout at retirement. This, in turn, will ensure you get more for your devices when they are evaluated for their value